In Brief...

February 2012

The decree nisi has arrived so my marriage is almost officially over.

22nd - Back to work tomorrow. :)

21st - Divorce day I think. Let's see what the postman brings.

12th - I could have died today. I experienced my first dive emergency whilst I was at 22 metres and my regulator went into free-flow. In truth I could have handled the situation a little better, but my training kicked in and I got back to the surface before my air ran out. 

More things to think about.

January 2012

Recieved the date for the pronouncement of a decree in the matter of my divorce today. 21st Feb 2012.

26th Stopped smoking (yes, again!).

I want a new tattoo. One of a dragon that will also cover up an old and faded existing tattoo.

Re-qualified as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver. 

Happy New Year!

December 2011

Christmas Day! Bah! Humbug!!

Getting a grip didn't last long! I'm right back where I started. An emotional day at Elland Road where tributes were held in honour of the late Gary Speed. Barely a dry eye in the house. We (Leeds United that is) won the match 2-0 so that's something to smile about.

Smoking again :(

Getting a grip.  Time to look forward and take control.  

November 2011

30th - My sister's 40th birthday.  Happy birthday sis!

26th - Stopped smoking (again) Cold Turkey this time though. OK so far

Mon 21st - Daughter's birthday :-)

Split with GF - not a great week (started smoking again)

Saw Evanescence in London, great concert.

Holiday in Spain, had a great time.

October 2011

A bit like the curate's egg - good in parts.  

Put the house on the market.

September 2011

24th - Stopped smoking (using patches)

Feel like a teenager. Having a great time. In love (unexpectedly).

August 2011

Bank Holiday weekend was great.

Thurs 11th - Son's birthday :-)

Met someone special. 

July 2011

Really nothing to report

June 2011

Had my 50th Birthday. Life goes on, still feel 26 in my head.  Probably act that way a lot of the time too.

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