Dreams or Nightmares?

Do you ever have dreams that seem so real that you can feel and taste and smell everything contained within them?

I do. Not all of the time, that would be too weird, but once in a while. Last night's dream was one of those occasions. I can't go into too much detail about the substance of the dream, partly because I don't remember it all, partly to protect the innocent and partly because I don't want to. Not yet anyway. Suffice to say I was transported back to a time just a few months ago when my world felt complete. The dream had all of the ingredients of a really great day. All of the 'right' people were there, offspring too and really it was a magical day. I think, actually I know, the dream is based upon a real day back in October, a day that crosses my mind most often when I'm walking the dog as it did, quite strongly, yesterday.

Waking up, then, is a bit of a shock. Back to earth with a crash as the reality of life kicks in.

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